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Do You Procrastinate? Here’s What It Could Mean

Do you find yourself putting off important tasks until it’s too late? Do you miss deadlines, forget events, or find yourself continually in crisis mode because you’ve left everything to the last second? These are all classic signs of procrastination, and it’s an epic...

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Is Your Financial Advisor Prioritizing YOU?

We all have expectations about how we should be treated by the people in our lives. We expect our kids to treat us with respect, we expect our significant others to treat us with love, and we expect our friends to treat us with kindness. Though this may not happen in...

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Find a Financial Advisor Who Will Challenge You

What are the reasons you work with a financial advisor? Do you want someone who will follow your instructions, tell you which stocks to buy, and reassure you that you’re doing the right thing with your hard-earned money? Or do you want a financial partner who will not...

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