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What is a Fiduciary and Why Does it Matter?

Does your advisor use the “f” word? You’ve probably heard the “f” word many times, but the “f” word I’m talking about probably isn’t the one you were expecting. I’m referring to the word “fiduciary”, and it’s key to your relationship with your financial advisor....

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How to Tell Your Financial Planner It’s Over

We’ve all experienced that awful feeling of knowing we’re in the wrong relationship and that we need to end it as soon as possible. Though most of us have been in that position in a romantic relationship, it can be just as difficult to go through this with a...

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How Emotional Agility Can Make You a Better Investor

As the Buddha once said, the only constant in life is change. Change can be incredibly hard for many people as they cling to outcomes they wish would come to pass or they long for the past that is no longer a reality. Resisting change is a form of control, and as with...

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Celebrating Back to School as a Lifelong Learner

According to the National Center for Families Learning, over half of all parents dread back to school time. As an independent financial advisor who works with a lot of older clients, I know that this isn’t limited to parents who still have children in school. There’s...

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