It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by chaos these days. Even if you’re not a big follower of politics or you and your family haven’t been affected by the latest COVID variant, you can still feel the chaotic energy in the air and it’s likely having a negative effect on multiple parts of your life. When chaos seems to be reigning supreme, your life may be following suit and it can sometimes seem easiest to just stick your head in the sand and wait for it all to pass. Unfortunately, this is almost always the wrong thing to do. While it might be difficult to choose which part of your life to get in order first, I’m here to tell you that your financial life can often be the easiest aspect to address AND it can give you a strong basis from which you can start straightening out other areas.


Why start with finances?

Your finances affect nearly every part of your life. From feeling confident about the future to being the basis of decisions like finding a new job or sending your kids to private school, the state of your finances is important. Unfortunately, too many people suffer from a ‘got stuff everywhere’ issue where they’re not even sure where they stand financially because it’s spread out over numerous investments and accounts or with several different advisors.

When you don’t have a good idea of where your finances stand, you feel on shaky ground in every other part of your life. That’s why this is the ideal place to start when you’re digging yourself out of the chaos hole many of us are experiencing.

If you’ve ‘got stuff everywhere’, the first step is to seek out a fiduciary who can take a look and find out where you’re at. Why a fiduciary? This type of financial advisor does not make money from your investments, so he or she doesn’t have any incentive to change things for you. Instead, they get paid to be an advisor and to help you make good decisions. Your fiduciary will round up all your different financial accounts and investments, organize it, and go over it with you so you can start making sense of everything.


Finding peace

If you’re experiencing chaos with your job, your personal relationships, or your mental health (all very common in this type of economy), taking the next step can seem monumental. You may not even know what that next step should look like. However, all those aspects of your life will likely take at least a step in the right direction once you get your finances in order and it’s easy to make the next move in this area—simply reach out to a fiduciary and you’re on the right path.


Choosing the right advisor for you

Of course, not every advisor is going to put your best interests first. This is one of the reasons why so many people have let their finances get disorganized—they worked with the wrong advisor (or several wrong advisors) and lost faith in the profession. When choosing an advisor to help you find peace with your finances, always look for a fee-based fiduciary whose only agenda is to help you see where you’re at with your financial situation to go where you want to go in the future.

If you’ve decided you are ready to take the next step and work with a fiduciary to get your financial life in order, make sure you reach out to the right one who you can count on both in times of chaos and times of peace.

Want to talk more? Please reach out. I’d love to help.