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Money Management for Couples: Taking Responsibility

As an advice-based financial planner, I know how important money is in a relationship. With the right communication and proper planning, money can be a source of entertainment and security and can lead to a happy and successful retirement. However, it can also be a...

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Money Management for Couples: Spending Discretion

How to manage money can often be a huge issue between couples. In my experience, difference in personalities, attitudes about spending, and gaps in communication can often lead to huge rifts between a couple that can eventually lead to divorce. This is one of the...

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How Investors Can Determine Their Risk Tolerance

How much risk are you comfortable with when it comes to your investments? If this is a question you’ve never contemplated before (or if you have never come to a satisfying conclusion), now is the time to identify what we in the industry call ‘risk tolerance’. If you...

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How Investors Can Prepare for a Market Correction

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could count on the market to continue its upward trend for the foreseeable future? I know it would certainly make my job as an advice-based planner a lot easier (and more fun!). However, as I previously talked about in my blog on lifeboat...

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4 Healthy Habits of the Wealthy

When you think of people with ‘wealth’, what are the first things that come to mind? A big house, lots of cars in the garage, and exotic vacations? Do you think of those with wealth as sending their kids to ivy league colleges, investing in huge chunks of property,...

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My Favorite Books Read in 2017, Part 2

As anyone who has read my blogs knows, I absolutely love to read books and I think they have made a huge impact on my level of success. Last year in 2017, I was able to get through 43 books by creating time each day for at least an hour of reading. Of those 43 books,...

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