At True Measure we love helping people move forward and discover their best selves. Having money doesn’t bring you happiness but it does allow you to have the time and resources to explore what your best self looks like. Wealth management provides a comprehensive approach to protecting your assets and achieving your ambitions. Here’s a few of the many reasons we’re in love with Wealth Management:

It’s Holistic

Wealth management is in every sense a complex and holistic process. Because so many services are housed under one roof, you can take advantage of the elegant convenience wealth managers provide. Wealth Management includes more than investment planning. Wealth management is comprehensive within the planning process and provides advice for every nugget of your financial picture including insurance protection, education expense planning, trust planning, and retirement planning. Wealth managers also coordinate clients with accountants and attorneys based on their needs.

It’s Ethical

We provide advice and guidance based on the best interest of you. Because we are paid by you, our priority is your goals. We know that the better we service you the more you value our skills. Providing the right advice and information provides you (and us) with peace of mind and long-term confidence within your financial plan.

Our Clients have a Coach

Hiring a wealth manager is comparable to having your own financial coach. For example, one of the many services we provide is retirement planning. Before clients are under our care, they often look at their retirement nest-egg in the wrong light. We help coach you into understanding that your retirement money is not only your retirement income but your source of producing more income once you’ve finished working. We work together with you to ensure your lifestyle of choice continues in retirement.

We use Risk and Behavioral Management

Wealth managers can manage risk by adjusting your asset allocation, implement asset/liability matching, and use strategic adjustments. Wealth managers also mitigate risk by managing your behavior. Often times, clients want to act fast, especially when chasing a new trend. A wealth manager can help slow you down and even keep you calm in a volatile market.

The financial industry is constantly changing and evolving but your confidence in your finances doesn’t have to. We understand how intimate your financial picture is. We know that even though money can’t buy happiness, it does provide a strong foundation for you to achieve it. Our number one goal is to help you become the best version of yourself. We take away the stress of financial planning and wealth management, allowing you to enjoy your life and family.

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